Recently edited manuscripts

Title Author
1650 Intelligent Keywords Stephen Choi
A Guide to Domestic Water Wells in Arizona for Realtors and Mortgage Lenders Gary L. Hix
A Lucky American in Mexico John E. Smith Jr.
A Map and a Compass Dan Nelson
A Morning’s Arrival: Wielders of Power, Volume 2 Jerad Meterko
A Preliminary Survival Guide to Your Parent, His or Her Alzheimer’s or Other Dementia, and You: Twenty-Five Essential Tips Charlotte Keys
A Prescription for Health Care Reform: A Fact Book and Road Map William E. Ruse, JD, and Donald Stansloski, RPh, PhD
America’s Path to Deep Space John F. Kross
Aly Rutherford and the Ancients Mary Ann Eisenberg and Wendie Willson
And Now, the Rest of the Story Jo Thompson
Angola, Clausewitz, and the American Way of War John S. McCain IV
Ashes to Gold: Story of A Sinner: God’s Healing Power Over Addiction Dawn M. Berger
Black Rain Eli Salas
Born for Adventure (Volumes 1 and 2) Gail Howard
Bouncing Back from Trauma: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide for Police Readiness Frank J. Gallo
Capital Ladies’ Club Gurdie Corell
Castle of Fire (The Adventures of Jonathan Moore, Book 2) Peter Greene
Confidence Looks Good on You: Exchange the Lie for the Truth of Who You are in Christ Susan Vandenheuvel
Deadly Hero: The High Society Murder that Created Hysteria in the Heartland Jason Lucky Morrow
Debt of Blood William Morgan
Deep Paradox Marcio Teixeira
Deliver Us from Evil Lawrence John Hunter
Dissecting Cotton Candy Toko Ronnow
Ebony and Ivory Terence Kennelly
Eradication of Evil Bhagwan Singh Tagar
Evolution of a Revolution Gary Hinson
Fair-Weather People Roshni Mudliar
Famous Crimes the World Forgot: Ten Vintage True Crime Stories Rescued from Obscurity Jason Lucky Morrow
Famous Doctors: A Brief Biography of Medicine Steve Petty, MD
Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary Laurelee Blanchard
Finding Minnie Azahara Carter
Force of a Legacy J. C. Flynn
God Incidents Thomas R. Lukes
Growing within the Night Robert L. West
His Name is Ryan Joseph Winterbottom
Home Sweet Home Invasion (In a Galaxy Far, Far Awry; Book 1) Liam Gibbs
How to Hit Out, Get Ball Control, and Play Percentage Tennis Anthony J. Stockman
Hunters Harry Jines
IRAP Primer International Refugee Assistance Project
Lever of Power 詭 權: Military Deception in China and the West Ralph D. Sawyer
Life of a King Gary Stephen King II
Los Robles: A Journey Through Treatment and Into Recovery Chase Aldrich
LVX Awakened Heart: Renaissance Art Meets the Modern-Day Science of Consciousness Donna Trimboli
LVX Awakened Mind: Renaissance Art Meets the Modern-Day Science of Consciousness Donna Trimboli
Make Money the New-Fashioned Way 2.0 Ruben Cobos
Marked for Death: My War with Jim Jones, the Devil of Jonestown Timothy Oliver Stoen
Maryland Divorce Guide Tanesha Matthews Petty
Masking Identity: The Performance Art of Roger Shimomura Krystal Reiko Hauseur
Masters of Painting Amir Reza
Meadows No More R. A. Doty
The Trials and Tribulations of a “Professional Malcontent”: Memoirs 1955–2016 Bernard I. Murstein
Murder or Accident Jay Holman
My Afghan Sojourn Conrad Castellino
My Jewish Self: A Collection of Stories, Observations, and Anecdotes Barry Feldscher
My Life of Grace Theresa Allen
Noble R. E. Bryant
One Day in Your Life I. F. “Frank” Gaddie
Operation Silent Source James Marshall Smith, a top-three finalist in the 2015 Clive Cussler Adventure Writers’ Competition
Rehab for One-Hit Wonders George Traikovich
Samantha’s Portmanteau Tale Derrick Garmonie Dogbe
Selective Style Irene Ofure Agbebire
Seven Misconceptions about Marriage Sonia Fitzgerald
Serial Fiction Sideshow (In a Galaxy Far, Far Awry; Book 2) Liam Gibbs
The History of MABMU: God’s Urban Army; The Metropolitan Atlanta Baptist Ministers Union and Racial Equality, 1895–1980 Edward Hightower
There Are Seventy-Two Hours in a Day: Using Efficiency to Better Enjoy

Every Part of Your Life

Dr. Jeffrey E. Sterling
Sierra Jones: Ransack Michael Frazier
Sixty Amazing Book of Mormon Facts D. David Gregory
Sons of Barbee Collins William See
Stoners in America Jose Carranza, MD, and Octavio Carranza, BS
Super Trans Tel: Five Stones of Destiny Charles Alfred Morris
TCAS and the Irascible Genius Who Invented It: A Biography of J. S. Morrel Jill Morrel Coleman
Technophobia (In a Galaxy Far, Far Awry; Book 3) Liam Gibbs
Test of Courage Phillip C. Holland
The Beautiful Glass Doors Nita Holyfield-McGee
The Black Canary Diamond Barbara L. Lefka
The Collected Sermons and Writings of Aimee Semple McPherson (Volume 2) Aimee Semple McPherson
The Door Ormine Thompson
Eagle Boy Dr. Nassim Khaled and Mark Miller
The Inner Brain, Conceptualization, and the System Mind, Vol. I: The Inner Brain and Conceptualization D. D. Wells
The Inner Brain, Conceptualization, and the System Mind, Vol. II: The System Mind D. D. Wells
The Last Seminarian Robert D’Amato
The Lion of Bariege Sean Andre Williams
The Lion’s Head Deception Chuck Waldron
The Long Way Home: Father Lost, Father Found Miriam Kook
The Marine Insurance Handbook: An Exploration and In-Depth Study

of Marine Insurance Law and Clauses

Bahaeddin Saffarini
The Paladin’s War Peter Greene
The Redemption Movement: Deliverance for Black America Wade L. Jackson
The Revenge Skye Gordon
The Silver Mace Mystery S. I. Campbell
The Spiritual Delta: Bridging and Integrating Spiritual Viewpoints for Our Next Generation Kirk Davis
The True Story for God’s Glory: The Life of Siohvaughn L. Funches-Wade Siohvaughn L. Funches-Wade
The Twenty-Nine Natural Laws of Sales Howard Berman
The Windows of My Soul Sian Williams
The Wordsmith Alan Ayer
Thoughts of a Domestic Observer Scott Belbey
Trivedi’s Gynecology Amarendra Trivedi and Ashish Pandey
Tunnel Rat John Morris Ward
Uncovering the Secrets of Charity Fundraising Events Larry A. Zucker
Unforgettable Times Richard Eugene Watts
Vampire Jacques: The Last Templar Charles Rathert
Walking Point R. J. Nevens Jr.
Warship Poseidon (originally published as Skull Eye Island) Peter Greene, Grandmaster award winner, 2012 Clive Cussler Adventure Writers Competition
Whisper in My Ear (Volumes 1-3) John Henry Hardy
Who Takes Care of the Caretaker? Taking Your Life Back Tom Krause
Win in Your Life: Follow the Path of Champions; Learn from the Villanova Wildcats Michael London
You Oughta See Me Naked Ed Bartlett