Rates by service type

Prose editing services

I must see a sample of the work in order to quote a per-word rate, which can range from light to heavy. (To find the word count in Microsoft Word, select the text, click the Review tab, and then click Word Count.)

Copy editing:

  • Standard: 1 cent per word (.01 x word count)
  • Heavy: 1.5 cents per word (.015 x word count)

Line editing:

  • Standard: 2 cents per word (.02 x word count)
  • Heavy: 2.5 cents per word (.025 x word count)

Children’s book editing:

  • 5 cents per word (.05 x word count)

Poetry consultation services

Individual poems:

  • Original poem: $20 per page
  • Revised poem, $10 per page
  • Third review, $5 per page

Manuscripts (full-length and chapbook):

  • For a quote, send the page count and at least five sample poems. (Cost averages around $10 to $15 per poem.)

I accept payment via Paypal, PopMoney, your bank’s bill payer, or paper check. Send payments to: creative-you [at] outlook [dot] com

For new clients with orders greater than $100, I require 50 percent down and 50 percent on completion. For large projects such as novels or full-length poetry manuscripts, I will ask you to sign a contract stipulating agreed-upon payments at intervals (e.g., start of project, halfway point, and end).

Don’t be shy. Get in touch, and let’s talk about your project: creative-you [at] outlook [dot] com