Client feedback


What wonderful editing suggestions you made on my manuscript!! I feel lucky to have made the connection with you. In terms of structure, details, grammar, punctuation, etc., I have already learned so much, and my writing is improving. Thanks so much! (M. C.)

This is truly one of the greatest values I’ve ever received for anything I’ve ever purchased. The commentary I received was beyond all expectations. It was thoughtful, smart, insightful, helpful and so meaningful to me personally.  I will enthusiastically recommend you to others. I can’t wait for the next round! (K. D.)

Thank you for your work. I’m very pleased with the results. I’m cutting, adjusting and rephrasing following your remarks. I’m learning a lot and there is so much work to do, but I know that, in the end, I’ll have a stronger text. Thank you again. (M. T.)

Thanks so much. I appreciate the kind words and the extra effort you put in! I accepted 99.9% of all the changes (so far). I got a great education while reading your notes. (P. G.)

Yesterday, I followed up on the comments and made the necessary changes. Your editing is very thorough and professional. I am humbled by the detailed corrections. Thank you so much. I appreciate the great improvement that you made. (R. D.)

Thanks for your brilliant editing. Wow! It’s a real education for me. I found your edits incredibly helpful and I wholeheartedly agree with all your input. You’re helping me to learn, and I value both the correction and the encouragement. (P. W.)


Thanks again for your excellent critiques. Since I first came to you for editing, 2-3 years ago, you have led me to a place way beyond anything I could have imagined and, along the way, taught me an absolutely enormous amount. Working with you completely reshaped my poetry as well as my view of myself as a writer, and it led to my being able to publish some of my poems. You are the one person I trust with reviewing any new poem of mine and the one person I always ask for a final review before sending out a poem. Thank you so much for everything! (Denise Umans)

This is such a wonderful (and brilliant) service you provide. All of your comments have been extremely helpful. (T. F.)

I came to Gloria with a talent for metaphor and internal rhyme but had little sense of how to hone my writing for deeper meaning; my poems were undisciplined, with little regard for meter other than what I heard with my errant ear. With Gloria’s guidance, I began to study my art, applying new learning to my poems. Now, my work is better metered, riskier, and a more complete reflection of my inner voice. I proudly call myself a poet. Thank you, Gloria. (Lynne Handy)

Thanks again for your great help with my work. I feel like my poetry ears are unclogged. (G. W.)

Your comments on my last poem were incredibly sensitive and insightful, and so helpful. I appreciate the detail and genuine care you give in reading each word, each line. I certainly am learning a lot! (J. G.)

Your comments are so on point – it’s amazing to have someone read my poems and “get me”! I love your humor, your sense of fun and exploration. You’ve pointed me in wonderful new directions, and I will always see this as a transformative time in my writing. Thank you! (H. M.)

I cannot express how much you’ve helped me improve. It was like a light bulb clicked on, with the things that you said and how you explained everything. (K. C.)

You have a real gift for communicating feedback and suggestions in a nonjudgmental manner. I have begun to realize how much I don’t know while learning to appreciate what I may be capable of creating. (J. R.)