Fiction & nonfiction editing

I offer two main types of editing: copy editing and line editing.

Copy editing

In a copy edit, I focus on language issues such as spelling, punctuation, dialogue, and grammar (including subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement, parallel construction, verb tense consistency, and more).

Line editing

In addition to the above areas of focus, in a line edit, I also address issues of structure, plot, character development, dialogue, voice, style, and point of view.

In a nonfiction line edit, I address the work’s thesis/objective, organization, and supplemental material such as footnotes, bibliography, and graphics.

Style guide, sample edits, and so on

For all editing, I follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, and Merriam-Webster Unabridged. I explain my edits and suggestions so that you can decide for yourself what to accept (or ignore).

I’m happy to provide a free sample edit of up to four double-spaced pages of a full-length book manuscript (fiction or nonfiction) or one double-spaced page of a short story or creative essay.

For ethical reasons, I cannot edit student papers and other school assignments, although I’m happy to do a final edit on PhD dissertations. I follow The Chicago Manual of Style, which is accepted by some schools but not all. Please check your school’s dissertation requirements to be sure.

Don’t be shy. Get in touch, and let’s talk about your project: creative-you [at] outlook [dot] com